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20120727 vtr arrivee au village etre fier © pierre pateron29.07.2012 - Scouts from Canada, England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Luxemburg and Morocco are living the jamboree in twinning with a French unit. They are proud to experience their first jamboree. They arrived with their twinned unit after living a camp together in all France.


Even if the language barrier is still here for some, international scout teams feel great and are fully integrated. After the flag-raising during the opening ceremony, every scout in Jambville is now looking forward meeting scouts coming from abroad during activities and in their villages. Some have already discovered their German neighbours' traditional yurt tent; others have experienced traditional Moldavian dances; everyone can meet scouts wearing slightly different uniforms.20122707 vtr ceremonie accueil © matthieu caulliez

Moreover since two weeks, in the venture camp, one venture from Colombia and some other ventures from Quebec are already camping together and are building a hall that will stay in the scout base.

Joint teams both French and foreigners are together during activities, the Scout fraternity is really here! Big travelling dreams to realize here in Jambville!

Elise Drouet,
Responsable nationale - Europe / Méditerranée
Pierre Pateron & Matthieu Caulliez
Reporters SGCOM photo