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 Discern informations, Construct its own opinion, assume its own image, welcome, choose sobriety and take time.
In an highly digitalized world, where screens and images are everywhere and where the environment is saturated with information, the Scouts et Guides de France are willing to offer an educative approach rooted in the actual society to some young people between 11 and 14 years old. Called ‘Connecte’, that’s a proposition to connect with itself, the others and to the world.


First a twinning camp (dates depend of twin unit) then gathering from 22th to 26th July. It is not allowed to arrive before this date and leave in another date than the 26th.
The twinning base camp depends of the twin unit. The jamboree will take place in Jambville, the national base camp of the SGDF.
Post adresse of Jambville base is Château de Jambville-78440 Jambville France.jambvillebisjambville2bis


You must :
• Be a member of a scoutism organization (WOSM or WAGGGS).
• Be part of the equivalent age section of Scouts-Guides (11-14yo.)
• Be twinned with a French unit.
With the pre-registration document.
Mandatory documents will be requested during the final registration.


Please notify it on the pre-registration document.
You will be linked to another unit during the registration. 


Price depends form your country:

Austria, Azerbaidjan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Island, Irland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Holland, Norway, San Marino, Sweden, Swiss, United Kingdom  145€ 
 Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Israël, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,Czech Republic, Malta, Estonia, Italia. 130€ 
 Canada, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovinia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Polland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia 100€ 

The price include jamboree from 22th to 26th (without camping equipment, transport neither the camp before jamboree)

Payment will be executed by online transfer in March.
An invoice will be sent and payment will be executed by online transfer before June.
Except the goodies that you may buy, no.


Please bring your scout association flag and your country’s flag.
Twinning system may allow material lending for the units which need it. Point to check with twin unit.
You will share your zone with your twin unit.
If you need help, please notice Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. 
If you need information, please notice Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. 
Yes, but don’t forget we will be 22000 ! 
Yes, but don’t forget we will be 22000 !
 In case of special diet or food allergies, you need to report it during registration, then we may take some measures ! 
No, except for medicines which need it. 
Yes collected and sorted. 
There will be a infirmary in each village, and a mini-hospital ; and the existing nearby health facilities. 
{slide=Can we make some fire?}Yes, for cooking. All meals will be pic-nic or cooked on wood fire. 


Internet website : (Rubric International)
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